Wednesday, 7 December 2011


There are so many students got an 'A' s on their UPSR but not for English subject. So, i want to share some exercises for students who will be sitting for UPSR 2012. Teacher want all students do the exercise as the way you can improve your english and get an 'A' s for your english on UPSR. Click this link to get your exercises : .
those students who want to send your answer to miss you can send it to this email :

"Do your best, let Allah do the rest"

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Do you have a wristwatch? do you know how to use it? Let I teach you how to use it. Now, everyone look at your own watch. What time is it? You can see number 1 untill 12 right. Like this below :

You can see those number right. This is what you can see at you wristwatch right. Now, I will show you how to read it. see this picture below :

What is the time now? Can you read it? 
You can see that the long one at number 12 and the short one at 3.
We called it 3 o'clock.

What time is it?
The long one at 6 and the short one at 12.
So, we read it as twelve thirty.

24 hour per day.
60 minutes per hour.
60 second per minutes.

This is a worksheet that you can do to improve your understanding.



Thursday, 24 November 2011

The Animal Sounds Song

There are so many animals exist in this world. So, each type of animals has different type of sound. This variety of sound is very unique. Watch this video.

Do you enjoy the video? I hope you like it. ^-^

Tuesday, 22 November 2011


Hai..i am Farah Amirah. Our lecturer give us a task where we have to create one blog for students. I like to share my knowledge with students out there. So, for those who visit my blog please follow my blog to a give support.. please leave any comment for me to improve my language or anything. Enjoy learning english with miss ok. For students out there, miss really hope that all of you can gain something from my blog. That all. Do enjoy while learning english with miss ok.